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The privacy statement of Leder International B.V., established at Olivier van Noortweg 6 in Venlo, provides you with information on how we process your personal data. We think it’s important to be transparant about the way we collect personal data, how we use them, protect them and inform you about your right regarding your personal data and privacy.

This privacy statement can be changed from time to time. We will always publish the latest version on our website.

If you have any questions after reading the privacy statement about the content or the implementation, you can reach us at:

What is the general privacy policy at Leder International B.V.?

We will always respect the privacy of all visitors at our website, (potential) customers and relations.

The safety and confidentiality of your personal data is our priority and we will always be very careful with your personal data.

Your data will only be shared with parties who are utilized by us to optimize our services and when legally required.


Which personal data do we process and how do we use this data?

Data of debtors
When you purchase products at Leder International B.V., we will register your standard personal data. We will use this data to deliver our products and to keep you updated about the proces and/or relevant offers, via personal or general e-mails. Besides that, we will use your data to create an account at our B2B-platform (if desired), which you can use to place orders yourself. Also, we use your personal data to perform a credit-worthiness check.

Data of creditors
We always register standard personal data of our creditors, which will be used to communicate about the sales process, production process and delivery of goods and services.

Data for private sales
A couple of times per year, we organize private sales. You can sign up for this sale by leaving your personal data at one of our staff members. These data will be stored and used to inform you about the next private sale.

Data for applications
When you apply for a job at Leder International B.V., we will store your data in our database. This personal data will only be used for purposes that are related to your application. Résumés and motivation letters will be deleted from our database after one year.

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect personal data via e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, staff members, agents, our websites, fairs and visits at our showrooms. We have received this data with your persmission. We use the personal data to provide you with information, delivering our products and service purposes. Your privacy will always be respected by our staff members. You personal data will be handled with care and will not be used for any other purposes than mentioned.

Were do we store our data?

All data have been stored at our own servers. These servers are based in a controlled, secure environment in the Netherlands and is secured against unauthorized acces, use or disclosure. We keep your personal data until your request for deregistration, respecting the legal provisions for keeping your data.

Sharing your personal data

Leder International B.V. does not sell, rent our lease customer lists to third parties. Your date will only be shared, subjectted to statutory regulation, with third parties when we think this is neccesary for the purpose of our services. These parties will always be (direct or indirect) related to your data. When this is the case, we can guarantee that the shared information has been legally obtained and will be protected by the third party.

The right of inspection, correction or removal

If you have any questions regarding how we process your personal data or if you want to know which data has been registered by us and for which purpose this data will be used, then you have the legal right to inspect your data. You can request your personal data at one of our staff members.

You can always request to adapt or delete your personal data. You can do this by sending an e-mail to You will receive a confirmation within a couple of days that your data has been adapted or deleted.


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